Memorial Stairs - Calgary - Central Google/Yahoo Directions
Address: Crescent Rd. NW At 2 St NW

Overview: Outdoor workout location.

From the north - South on 4 St NW from 16 Ave NW, follow the road around to 12 Ave NW. Turn south on 3 St NW. Turn east on Crescent Rd NW.

From the south - Heading north on 10 St NW, turn east on 13 Ave N. Make immediate right (south) turn onto Crescent Rd NW. Follow the road around about 9 blocks to the stairs.
* you can not turn onto 13 Ave NW from 10 St NW southbound.

Parking: Park on the street between 2 St and 3 St NW.

Meeting Location: Top of the stairs or in the park just adjacent to Crescent Rd NW.